The Experience/Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear? Do you do destination weddings/shoots? How many images will I receive? All the answers and more ...

Will you be the person shooting my wedding/bridals/engagement/portraits/event? 

Yes, I will ALWAYS be the primary photographer.

How long have you been in the business?

Assistant to a wedding videographer and photographers for 7 years in England, personally in business for 6 years.

How did you get started?

Wedding planning, wedding business, and wedding videography has been in my family blood since I was born.

Do you have any formal training?

- College photography courses

- Assisted pro wedding videographer in England for 7 years

- Second shooter for numerous Dallas wedding photographers

How many camera bodies do you have? 


How many lenses? 

See my bag of tricks here.

How would you characterize your style of photography?

Photojournalistic, traditional, fun, contemporary.

Do you own a studio?

Yes, I own a studio which can also be a photobooth at your wedding or event.

Do you travel? 

Yes; travel fees, expenses, mileage etc apply.

How many proofs should I expect to see from my wedding?


Do you offer discounts for specific professions?

Yes; teachers, veterans, law enforcement, firefighters, and medical staff.

Are you willing to customize a package if none of yours fits our needs?

Absolutely, I would highly recommend this.

Do you provide the digital negatives in the package? If so, are they fully retouched? If not, are they available for an additional cost?

You will receive a DVD of all of your professionally edited images from your wedding day/event/portrait session.

Do you include an album or an album credit in your packages? Can you show me a sample of an album similar to what I will get?

Some wedding and senior packages include an album, but they can be custom built without if you prefer, samples available as requested.

Do you shoot digital or film? 


How much retouching is included, and what will I have to pay extra for?

Everything, $0 extra.

Are you a member of any local or national photography associations?

Yes, Texas Photo Forum, WPPI and PPA.

Will the assistants and other photographers you hire to help shoot my wedding be people you have worked with before?

Yes; I have male and female assistants, second shooters, and tag alongs.

Will you be photographing another wedding or event the same day as my wedding?

No, your deposit ensures no other bookings are taken on your wedding day.

If we decide to book you, what is the process? Can I take a copy of the contract home with me to read before I sign it?

We will meet to discuss my photography and your needs. If my style compliments your needs, you will review my packages or create your own, review the contract on your own terms and sign. You will receive a copy of all paperwork. A non refundable deposit is required to ensure your wedding day is confirmed.

The Good, The Bad, & The TIPS:


  • You and your significant other wearing outfits in the same color family (blues, earthtones, etc) or with the same accent color

  • Solids or simple patterns

  • That hot little black dress!

  • Fitted clothing (big, baggy shirts can make you look a lot larger than you are)

  • Comfortable clothes you can sit, stand, run, and jump around in

  • Nice jeans, paired with a dressy top

  • Accessories like funky necklaces, jackets, hats, scarves, sunglasses, etc

  • Bringing one very dressy outfit and one very casual outfit

  • Accept that your wedding dress will get dirty (bring drop cloths, bed linens, tarps, and towels to try and protect the hem of your wedding dress), think about adding a little money in your budget and time in your schedule for a dress cleaning before the wedding

  • Bring a sister, bridesmaid, or friend to help you during your bridal session session (makeup touch up's, water, bouquet/prop holder etc)

  • Eat a good, solid meal before your session, bring some cold water bottles and some healthy snacks to keep your from being tired and light headed

  • Bring some props to personalize your photo session (your dog, football, baseball bat, parasol, guitar, fun pair of shoes or cowboy boots etc)

  • Flip flops (if you plan on wearing heels, just to walk around in while we’re not taking photos)

  • A posterboard/chalkboard with “Thank You,” your name(s), or your wedding date written on it

  • Change of clothes in case one gets dirty or wet or you just want to change things up

  • Headbands, bobby pins, or ponytail holders in case of a windy day


  • Bright white shirts (ivory or cream photographs much better)

  • Wild patterns or horizontal stripes

  • Shirts with writing on them

  • Sleeveless shirts

  • Shirts with short hemlines – the bottom edge of the shirt should hit at your hips or lower

  • Watches or rings, unless they have a lot of sentimental value to you... I want to emphasize the engagement ring, and lots of other hand jewelry will take away from that. This goes for both guys and girls.

  • Short skirts, low necklines, anything even remotely risqué

  • Don't do your hair, makeup, or flowers yourself (unless you also plan to do that for your wedding day). The main goal of a bridal session is to test out your wedding day look, so make sure that the same people who will be doing your wedding day hair, makeup, and flowers will also be a part of your bridal session.

  • Don't try to “tough it out”. If something feels wrong during a session then let's stop and fix it.. If you feel like your veil is hanging wrong, or you’re having trouble breathing, or you start to feel lightheaded, or the poses just aren’t “you,” please please please SAY SOMETHING.  This is not a big professional model shoot where you’re expected to suck it up and do your job, this is YOUR session, and YOU make all the rules. Communicate with me, let me know how you’re feeling and what you want, because the most important thing to me is making sure that you enjoy the experience as well as the end result.

  • Don't obsess over the location. A good location can be helpful, but it’s not the be-all-end-all of how your photos will turn out.  I have plenty of location ideas for you if you need them.

  • Don't shoot during the extreme weather months (June, July, August). You won't look pretty sweating and miserable.